About Us

Copia is a family of inspired leaders dedicated to crafting the highest quality cannabis creations. Supported by research and testing, our scratch-made recipes are designed to enhance the benefit of cannabis and improve your health. Infused with love, compassion and integrity, we are committed to deliver superior products that truly benefit your life.


Copia is Arizona’s first original scratch-made cannabis kitchen and has been dedicated to making all  products fresh from scratch. Each order from your dispensary is produced to order to ensure the highest quality, freshness and a longer shelf life.


We work with scientists and formulators to develop cutting edge delivery systems and look for ways to increase shelf life without affecting our recipes. Copia prides itself on being a health conscious company and as the market demands more healthy alternatives, Copia is proud to produce Gluten Free options and continues to research and develop healthy alternatives to sugar while maintaining mainstream taste.


We use premium extracts containing full-spectrum and distillate oil derived from the highest quality marijuana, free from chemicals and solvents. All of our products are spot tested for accurate/consistent dosing and we test all of our oil using a third-party laboratory to ensure that it has accurate cannabinoid profiles and is free from any contaminants, chemicals or solvents.


By working with top formulators and scientists Copia continues to research and develop more THC/CBD ratio products to support patient requests. Edible products are not a one size fits all solution, which is why Copia is proud to offer a wide range of products for all demographics and preferences.